Our Services

Software Development

We can’t think about any business or activity with our engineering skills to develop their virtual showcase, shop an/or automated tools in the form of websites, webapps and smartphone apps

Cloud Computing

We are providing cloud based hosting service along with other services of Cloud Computing like Iaas, PaaS etc. Our hosting services also include VPS and shared Shared Hosting Services.


We provide cloud based apps, as SaaS, on subscription basis for your organisation. Some of them are POS, Institution ERP, LMS, Hospital/Clinic Management System, Pharmacy ERP etc.

  • Digital Advertisements & Marketings:
    With our dedicated team, we promote your business by way of Advertisements and Marketing through social and private websites sites.
  • Digital Security

    We provide customized security cams software along with installation

  • Digital Showcasing

    We prepare Digital AD as per the industry requirement.

  • Gamification:
    We promise to make the hard stuff, in your life, fun. Yes, we create fun even in your business, profession or Education.
  • Web-Hostings
    We provide web-hostings service at a very competitive rate.
  • Websites Development:
    We can’t think about any business or activity without having any website irrespective of how small it is. More Dynamic, the website, the more you can showcase. You can rely on us for qualified professionals for Website development as per your organisation requirement.
  • Mobile app development:
    Mobile Apps are predominant in today’s world with Android Mobile and iPhone in picture. We have deep authoritative command over Mobile Apps Development. Plan varies with requirement and features. Contact us for detail.